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2016 MEX D-90 ARB/Dakar Limited KIT

by MEX



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The new Kit by RCMODELexu Mex-D90 MEX ARB/Dakar 2016

Kit contains:

NEW 2016 Chassis Mex-D90 ARB/Dakar steel - RCMODELex

Body - Hard plast D90/DAKAR(complet all parts light,windows,etc but not interiot!) - RCMODELex

Axle Yota II - RC4WD

NEW 2016 Black 4link axle mont - RCMODELex

NEW 2016 Black Aloy link - RCMODELex

Shock 70mm and 80mm progresi ALU - GDS/RCMODELex

NEW  Black Shaft Mex HD-steel - RCMODELex

Transfer case T2 - RC4WD

Transmision MEX-G-BOX Black - RCMODELex

Whells 4x Delta 1.9 Beadlock - RCMODELex

Tires 4x Offroad Tires - RCMODELex

Limited edition 30pcs for all world!