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2012 Mex - Yota DAB/ARB with color body: 5x typ color




Product no.: K-0091
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The new Kit by RCMODELex 2012 Mex - Hilux DabCab NEW

Kit contains:

Chassis Mex-Yota DAB/ARB steel - RCMODELex

Body - Hilux DabCab(with complet parts)+Protection frame steel - RCMODELex

Axle Yota II - RC4WD

Black 4link axle mont - RCMODELex

Black Aloy link - RCMODELex

Shock 70mm progresiv ALU - RCMOPDELex

Black Shaft Mex HD-steel - RCMODELex

Transfer case T2 - RC4WD

Transmision G-MEX - RCMODELex

Wheels 4x 6 19 Beadlock (Black,White) - RCMODELex

Tires 4x R.Creepers 1.9 - RC4WD

Logo 0.5mm TOYOTA black - RCMODELex

S.Snorkle - RCMODELex

Fender Yota - RCMODELex

Decal sticket BLACK matt Yota - RCMODELex

PRO.Final painted body color (RED,GRAY met,White-Gray,Dark-Yellow,Cream-coffe)

The body plastic ABS with all parts,rubber mirrors,clear windows,licht,bumper,logo TOYOTA,steel protection frame.

Please write what color body and color wheels for you,

and for the kit with color 7-10days delay!

Thanks RCMODELex