Offroad licht

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Bar 105mm with mont 120mm 7.4V
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Specifications: Plastic Molded Housing Adjustable Bracket for Rotating Light 4 Individual LED Bulbs Super Bright Lighting Standard Receiver Plug Connects to Extra Channel on Receiver Connects Directly to Battery Capable of 11.1v 2mm Mounting Holes Overall Length: 0.57in /  14.5mm Light Bar Width: 0.52in / 13.4mm Overall Height: 0.57in / 14.7mm Light Bar Height: 0.55in / 14.2mm Weight: 0.1oz / 3g
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2pcs Offroad licht 1/10 diameter - 22mm
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Cast Molded Housing Reversible "L" brackets to fit many applications Adjustable "L" brackets for rotating light 44 Individual LED bulbs Super Bright Lighting Vented on side to dissipate heat Works with up to 3 Cell lipo with use of a BEC to regulate voltage below 7.4 volts Standard Receiver Plug Connects to extra channel on receiver Overall Length  (120mm/4.72") Light Bar Width (105mm/4.13")
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