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MEX-00069 Range Rover C.CAMEL Trophy FULL

by MEX



Product no.: OTL-062
our price:
1,379 EUR ( We are not VAT payers )

This RR-C-CAMEL TR  with Axle D44-XVD-CNC-Pro MEX-00069 only one produced by RCMODELex

Kit complet with color and more extra and with new axle MEX-PRO CNC XVD




Steel chassis MEX- RR-C-CAMEL - RCMODELex

Body HD-ABS plastic RR-C  - JS Scale

Axle MEX-D44-MaxPRO CNC XVD.(thys axle original Alloy CNC not cast Zinc Alloy) - RCMODELex

4link Aloy Black HD axle mont - RCMODELex

Shock 70mm BLACK MEX-Racing Progresiv 4x typ spring - RCMODELex

HD-Steel shaft - GDS/RCMODELex

MEX-G-Box + 5mm shaft - RCMODELex

4x 1.9 CAMEL Aloy beadlock - MEX

4x 1.9 Tires  - HK

4x Sheckle  Steel - RCMODELex

Emblem RR-C - RCMODELex

Rubber Mirror BLACK - RCMODELex


Motor 35T - RCMODELex

Profesional print color by MRAK

Roof Rack CAMEL TR.FULL version + parts  - RCMODELex

6x Offroad light - RCMODELex


All new!

Model now to send!